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Visual HELP

Detailed Description

Visual HELP

Visual HELP

Introduction to Visual HELP

Visual HELP for Windows 95/98/2000/NT is the most advanced hydrological modeling environment available for designing landfills, predicting leachate mounding and evaluating potential leachate contamination. Visual HELP combines the latest version of the HELP model (v.3.07) with an easy-to use interface and powerful graphical features for designing the model and evaluating the modeling results. This latest version of the HELP model addresses many of the limitations and bugs of earlier versions and also includes several new analysis features.

Visual HELP's user-friendly interface and flexible data handling procedures provide you with convenient access to both the basic and advanced features of the HELP model. This completely-integrated HELP modeling environment allows the user to:

  • Graphically create several profiles representing different parts of a landfill,
  • Automatically generate statistically-reliable weather data (or create your
  • Run complex model simulations,
  • Visualize full-color, high-resolution results, and
  • Prepare graphical and document materials for your report.

For professional applications in landfill design, Visual HELP is the only software package you will ever need!

Professional Applications of Visual HELP

Landfill Applications

  • Simulate multiple landfill profiles to find the most suitable design.
  • Evaluate leachate mounding or leakage problems with current landfills.
  • Determine the effectiveness of landfill caps for reducing leachate mounding.
  • Design and optimize leachate collection systems.

Other Applications

Visual HELP has also proven to be an extremely valuable tool for accurately predicting seasonal groundwater recharge for periods of up to 100 years for use in MODFLOW models. This seasonal recharge data has proven to significantly influence the vertical migration of contaminants through the unsaturated zone.

Visual HELP Main Features

  • Latest Version of HELP Model (v.3.07)
  • Easy-To-Use - The familiar design and functionality of the interface makes it extremely easy to learn and facilitates rapid model development using any of the available models.
  • New Project Wizard - Creating a model is easy with a step-by-step wizard to guide you through the process (a model template is provided for to help get you started on your first project)
  • Project Management - The project-based data management system liberates the user from handling of numerous files for separate projects
  • Customizable Units - Choose from predefined unit templates or create your own unit template for all model parameters
  • Input Data - The Project Tree allows you to quickly view and modify the profile at a structure for each model profile, or to easily duplicate the model data files for performing multiple simulations for sensitivity analyses
  • Model Profile View - The Profile View provides a graphical display of the geometry, dimensions, layer structure and stratigraphy of the model profile
  • Database Links - A customizable database of soil parameters is linked to the various input forms for automatic entry of selected property values
  • WHI Weather Generator - The built-in WHI Weather Generator generates up to 100 years of statistically reliable weather data to use as input
  • Seamless Integration - Create the model profile(s), run the simulation(s), visualize the results, and create the report documents, all in the same graphical modeling environment
  • Presentation of Results - Visual HELP comes with a powerful graphical component for visualizing the simulation results in graphical or tabular format
  • Automatic Report Generator - Create a rich text document with tabulated input data, profile graphics, and a display of results, all with the click of a button
  • Teamwork - Visual HELP supports teamwork environments so that project files can be run over a networked system
  • Data Sharing - Export recharge data (infiltration rates) from Visual HELP to use as recharge boundary condition data in saturated zone groundwater models such as Visual MODFLOW
  • Tutorials - Visual HELP comes with two step-by-step tutorials covering one example of modeling landfill hydrology and one example of estimating groundwater recharge at a site

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