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Detailed Description




AQUIPACK is an aquifer analysis package designed to provide solutions to a multitude of problems faced by consultants when investigating and remediating sites with contaminated groundwater. AQUIPACK consists of a powerful Excel Workbook containing individual worksheets for the various analyses. This format is extremely easy to use. There's no new program to learn! Analyses are simplified by use of linked databases containing physical and chemical constants, macros, and illustrated text and graphics. Databases are easily expandable. Printed worksheets are high quality and best used as report appendices.

AQUIPACK contains the following analyses:

  • Hydraulic conductivity and transmissivity estimation (steady-state and non steady-state pumping tests.
  • Recovery well capture zone analysis (flow rate and capture zone geometry).
  • Recovery well contaminant concentration estimation.
  • Groundwater velocity estimation.
  • Well discharge rate estimation.
  • Contaminant half-life (biodegradation rate) estimation.
  • Contaminant retardation factor estimation.
  • Put it all together with a 1-D contaminant transport model.

AQUIPACK Requirements: PC running Windows with Excel Version 5.0 or higher. Also compatible with QuattroPro and Excel for the Macintosh.

The following provides examples of three of the analyses.

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